Very soon, this month actually, the Toys 'R' Us store in Sioux Falls will close it's doors forever. I never has a nostalgic connection to the store. My family's shopping tended to be very -Mart based, with visits to many K's and Wals. There was also the Alco store in the town I grew-up in. Then of course there was the Sears catalog, I'm certain that 90% of my Christmas and birthday gifts for the first 13 years of my life came from those hollowed pages. But, Toys 'R' Us was always just a commercial to me.

To many others though, it was a special place full of magic and video games. For them it is sad to see it go. For the city it's sad to see a business go under and people lose their jobs. But, maybe there could be a silver-lining. Maybe something cool could take over that building near the Empire Mall.

Judging by talk across Sioux Falls there are some big names that citizens of the 605 would welcome with lines out the door:

5 Things the Should Replace the Sioux Falls Toys 'R' Us

Wait! Maybe it could be the new home a revived Gigglebees! Or how about some Nebraska flavor from a Runza? That's my real pick. Sorry Trader Joe's, but I need some of that seasoned beef, cabbage and, onions.

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