As the toy story chain Toys "R" Us continues the process of closing it's stores, including the one in Sioux Falls, some people may be afraid of getting stuck with a useless, unused gift care.

Don't fret. Fellow retailer Bed Bath and Beyond will take those unused Toys "R" Us gift cars and magically (or with computers) turn them into BBB gift cards. But you have to hurry, they will stop doing it this week

According to Bed Bath and Beyond's website, they will stop accepting Toys "R" Us gift cards as of Thursday (April 5) at 11:00 PM. The card may be used, but balance on the card has to be $20 or more. Be aware that exchange values will vary and some limitations apply.

To do it go to this site:, enter the card info, and you will get an offer for an egift cart that can be used in store or online.

SiouxFalls.Business reports that the Sioux Falls Toys "R" Us is expected to close on May 15, 2018.

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