When you're a kid, a visit to the toy store was the absolute best!  It was always a great reward when you did well in school or you completed all your chores at home.  The place to go for all the latest gadgets and gizmos was none other than Toys "R" Us.

This national retailer was the ultimate toy stop for any kid.  Unfortunately, Toys "R" Us went out of business in 2018 when the company filed for bankruptcy. Toys "R" Us would be no more...until now.

The super toy store just announced a comeback and a brand new partnership with another giant national retailer.  As Geoffery the Giraffe would say, "Everybody loves a good comeback!"

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Toys "R" Us is teaming with Macy's to sell toys on the Macy's website.  That's not all! CNN is reporting that there will be 400 Toys "R" Us storefronts in Macy's stores across the country by the year 2022. Macy's representatives explain to CNN, "Its toys sales has grown 'exponentially' in the past year as parents try to entertain their homebound kids during the pandemic." This partnership essentially allows Macy's to "expand its footprint" in the toy industry.

In Sioux Falls, there was a  Toys "R" Us store originally located on West Empire Place not too far from where the  Empire Mall is located.  Since Macy's does have a department store inside the  Empire Mall, I would not be surprised if a  Toys "R" Us  branch is going to open inside...

Before you get the kids too excited, it's not officially confirmed by the Empire Mall if or when Toys "R" Us will make a comeback inside its Macy's department store.  We'll just have to wait and see! The suspense is killing me!

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