The Empire Mall in Sioux Falls is a huge tourist destination in the state of South Dakota. That's why mall management at the Empire Mall is always looking for new businesses for shoppers to explore. Now, the staff of the mall management company is bringing a local Sioux Falls boutique to the shopping center this spring!

The Empire Mall is proud to welcome...Lauriebelles! This boutique is a local favorite in Sioux Falls. From the streets of Downtown Sioux Falls and Tea to the biggest mall in Sioux Falls, this small business is continuing its dream of providing affordable clothes for women across the Sioux Empire.

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According to a recent press release from the Empire Mall, the local Sioux Falls boutique is founded and owned by Laurie Karlson. Women can find casual, formal, and everyday apparel when they visit Lauriebelles.

Lauriebelles was started because of a passion for clothing and fashion. It resulted in a business that strives to help women of all ages and body types find the perfect outfit(s) to help them feel beautiful! While shopping at Lauriebelle's, you will find many of today's latest and most desired fashions at affordable prices.

It wasn't too long ago that I wrote a previous story about Lauriebelles. At Lauriebelles, you’ll find clothes for everybody.  And I mean every BODY.  According to its website, "We strive every day to help women of all beautiful shapes, sizes, and ages find chic pieces that impart them with an unshakable sense of confidence." It's all about feeling strong and empowered when you visit Lauriebelles!

This is truly another exciting local addition to the Empire Mall! I’m sure mall patrons are anxiously awaiting the grand opening of Lauriebelles this spring!


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