If you're going to make your own YouTube video what theme would you choose? The Sioux Falls Police Department decided to show off their on/off-duty talent while in uniform.

I could've sworn I saw one of these guys driving around town moving back and forth practicing their lip sync techniques.

Sioux Falls didn't want to be left out as many other departments across the country have taken up the challenge of lip-syncing (or straight-out singing) some of their favorite songs. The viral video challenge began in Texas at the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office when they posted a video of one of their officers lip-syncing as part of a community outreach.

The idea has since become a viral video monster. Some departments have even taken up the "Ice Bucket Challenge" concept and have gone as far as to challenge other departments directly. In one case, the Norfolk Police Department in Virginia challenged the Seattle Police Department at the end of their video. Apparently, 3 former Norfolk officers now work in Seattle.

This isn't the first time the Sioux Falls Police Department has gotten in on the viral video bandwagon. The department put together an impressive entry in the Mannequin Challenge.

And it isn't just Sioux Falls that has gotten in on the challenge. Rapid City has done one as well. Does this video top what the Rapid City police department did? Hmmmmm?

Check out more from the Nationwide Law Enforcement #LipSyncChallenge.

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