My dad was in town for the weekend to take me out to lunch for my birthday. After we ate, we were trying to think of other things we could do. Somehow, we landed upon going to the arcade.

I hadn't been to an arcade in forever.

It was fun playing ski ball and Tetris and shooting hoops and I even beat my dad at air hockey.

Then the time came to cash in our tickets to get some sort of prize. I was perusing the merchandise and I saw it! The best arcade prize ever!


I still had some tickets left over, but I didn't care. All I wanted was the ribbon dancer.

We had some fun listener stories about prizes at the arcade this morning as well.

  • We were at Dave & Buster's, and I hit the winning spot on the Spin to Win where you have to smack the button. We we're supposed to win a thousand tickets for it, but the machine malfunctioned and we ended up getting like 2,000 or more tickets! When we turned them in at the counter for prizes they questioned how we got so many tickets because machines had been malfunctioning.
  •  I don't remember the prize she got but I certainly remember my daughter getting thousand tickets in an arcade in Omaha. You never think about how long it takes for us to come out of a machine. She went into playing while I stood there waiting for 1000 tickets to come out
  • I don't remember any of the prizes. But I do remember my brother and I would fight something terrible over tickets. My parents finally told us we were banned from Chuck E. Cheese. Lol
  • The best one I NEVER got. I kept saving my tickets every time we went to get a super good prize. One day we went back and the arcade had closed with zero notice. I had well over 1000 tickets saved.
  • A life size Scooby-Doo from giggle b's
  • High School Musical Uno cards


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