Most people like to add thickened liquids to their food. They are known as a dressing, condiment, dressing, or sauce. They usually taste good on their own, but even if they don't they go great with all kinds of food. did a study of Google search data to find what the most popular sauce is in every state in the country. The favorite in area code 605 is not a surprise and Zippia even thinks other states are wrong.

The most sought after sauce on Google in South Dakota was ranch dressing. Duh. Everything is better with ranch, even chocolate chip cookies and pumpkin pie.

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Zippia, in pointing out some notables from the results, noted that "Only South Dakota loves ranch best, which seems like poor judgement on other states’ parts."

They are completely correct about that. The most popular top sauce among the states was ketchup. It was tops in 24 states, almost half the country.

Minnesota, the state that I thought would also have ranch as their top pick, had the less interesting than ketchup result of tomato sauce. Basically ketchup without the extra salt and sugar and whatever else is in ketchup.

Every other state that borders South Dakota was in the boring ketchup camp with the exception of Montana, which likes tartar sauce the best? I get that tarter sauce goes with fish for some people but tartar sauce is basically ranch if ranch was terrible.

The only other state in the study I can really give props to for having a quality choice is Utah. They top search was for fry sauce. If you aren't familiar with fry sauce, it is ketchup and mayonnaise mixed together. The best kinds are a bit more ketchup than mayo, which is why the Heinz Mayochup should be avoided at all cost. It's basically pink mayo.

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