Two weeks ago I had never heard of Spot It! Now it's the game that I prefer to play with my family.

Spot It! is a card game that has a bunch of little pictures of a set bunch of items. Things like a cactus, fire, sun, lightbulb, dragon, anchor, and others are on all of the cards. Not all of the things are on all of the cards, but every card will have a match of at least one item on every card in the stack.

It also isn't just one game. There are five different games you can play with the deck and some of which are very fast paced. It's easy to play and really fun. Each game can take as little as a few minutes and can be played by between two and eight people.

It's also affordable, around $10 in most places online. My wife picked it up at Child's Play Toys in downtown Sioux Falls.

I know, my description isn't great. I didn't understand it when my wife and daughter tried to explain it to me. But once I played it I caught on pretty quick. It's awesome! Just get it!

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