"John Marston can't swim and my horses ran off the cliff!" I heard that coming loudly from my teenager's bedroom. My first thought was, "Dear God...not the horses!" Then I realized it was a video game. We don't keep horses in the bedroom. The game is a popular one called Red Dead Redemption. And to be fair, the kids play it only after their school distance learning is complete.

I know we're in a social distancing and isolation mode but there's got to be a better way to stay amused and entertained. And, if you're like most parents you're trying desperately to limit screen time for the kids.

The answer is board games. From the old classics like Monopoly, Risk, or the Game of Life, it's a great way to pass the time. You're together as a family instead of everyone holed up in their rooms. There's plenty of opportunities for the good old good sportsmanship talks that we as parents are so fond of.

Here are eight games we're quite fond of right now:


  • Photo by Danny V / TSM

    The Game of Life

    Last time we played I had 7 children. Seven! I must have been playing the Duggar edition.

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    A recently discovered game for us...let's you build a world with lots of different ecosystems.

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    The classic game of cat and mouse...and sending people back to square one.

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    One of the most addictive games ever invented. Anyone ready for round 17? Anyone? Hello?

  • Photo by Danny V / TSM

    Unstoppable Unicorns

    Where else can you build an army of unicorns and betray your family?

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    Lost Cities

    Lots of math in this fun game so if the kids are dogging it in arithmetic, here's a solution.

  • Photo by Danny V / TSM

    Shadows in the Forest

    My daughter's favorite game that requires a dark room at night.

  • Photo by Danny V / TSM

    Zombies Road Trip

    No pressure but you're humanity's last hope. Find a cure or get eaten.