When it comes to signature foods in Sioux City, nothing is more enjoyable than a loose meat sandwich, AKA Sloppy Joe. In fact, one place claims that it was the birthplace of this iconic sandwich.

Recently I took a trip down to Sioux City and I asked Natasha from the Hot morning show on what restaurants to try. She recommended Tastee Inn & Out and this place did not disappoint. Dubbed Sioux City’s first fast food drive-thru restaurant, the place opened up in July 1955 and it was located at 2610 Gordon Drive in the neighborhood.

Every day, hundreds of pounds of quality fresh (not frozen) ground beef are purchased and cooked with a special Tastee sauce blended to make the famous Tastee sandwich. I went with the Super-T, and as you can see, they loaded it up high.


After devouring this sandwich within minutes I was craving for another one. So the next time you are down in the Sioux City area, swing on into Tastee Inn & Out and grab your self a Sloppy Joe and some onion chips to go!

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