What do you call it … Sloppy Joes, Taverns, Loose Meat, Slush Burger, Manwich, Yum Yum? When I was growing up we called a 'Sloppy Joe'.

When we make 'em at our house we brown some ground beef then toss in some Ketchup, Mustard, Chopped Onion, Worcestershire sauce, then salt and pepper to taste. That simple.

The key to a great Sloppy Joe is the bun. My personal favorite is fresh made Hawaiian Buns. And for some reason, you can't stop with just one.

So where did the Sloppy Joe come from? There are two schools of thought. The one I find most likely is that they originated in the 1930s at Ye Olde Tavern Inn in a Sioux City, Iowa. They were prepared by a cook named Joe who mixed in his loose meat concoction and refereed to it as a 'Sloppy Joe',

The other story is that it arrived in the United States when famous author Ernest Hemingway introduced the concept for the sandwich to a bar in Key West, Florida, and suggested they name it the 'Sloppy Joe' after the owner of the bar Joe Russell.

I've eaten Sloppy Joe's at Sloppy Joe's in Key West. They were darn tasty. Sometime soon I hope to make that short drive down I-29 to Sioux City and try one or two at Ye Olde Tavern Inn. Of course in the meantime, I'll just keep throwing my own together.

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