A woman in Avon Park, Fla. who was being held hostage with her three kids by her boyfriend earlier this week managed to escape to safety after she alerted a Pizza Hut by placing an order with the restaurant’s app.

The woman, Cheryl Treadway, placed the order on the pizza chains mobile app and then brilliantly added in “911 hostage help” in the comments section, alerting the restaurant staff that there was a problem.

Give Treadway some credit her quick thinking. She persuaded her boyfriend, Ethan Nickerson, 26 — who was armed with a knife — to give up a cell phone so she could make the order, enabling her to seek help without him realizing it.

Fortunately for Treadway and her children, no one in the restaurant suspected it was a joke.

Deputies quickly responded by showing up at the address on the order and managed to coax Nickerson out of the house and arrest him.

Treadway and the children are all okay.