With a population of over 10,000 a city that size should have the necessary emergency services. The city of Brandon, South Dakota has been served by MED-Star Ambulance since 2007 and according to KSFY News the companies CEO is asking the city for financial assistance.

KSFY is reporting that MED-Star has reached out to the city council of Brandon to help take the edge off some of the expenses the business is covering. Jay Masur and his company are not certain they will get the needed funds to continue the 911 service but his business is losing money faster than its being made.

In a recent vote by council members Masur said they were 5-1 in support of helping the service and he said during the second hearing council members voted 4-2 against providing assistance.

KSFY News also says the Brandon City Council doesn't want to fund a for profit ambulance service. Masur said they're not making a profit right now and they're at a deficit of $400,000 a year.

The Brandon city council will meet in two weeks and med-star will hopefully have an answer.

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