South Dakota residents wishing to conceal carry their handguns without a permit, might just get their wish under Republican Governor-elect Kristi Noem.

Retiring GOP Governor Dennis Daugaard was never a proponent of the legislation, and as KSFY TV reports vetoed it under his administration. But, supporters of the legislation are optimistic that Noem will take a different stance on the constitutional carry law.

Legislation regarding the permitless concealed carry bill will likely be making its way to floor again in the upcoming session, and according to KSFY, incoming Republican Senator Lynne DiSanto, a sponsor of the bill is hopeful that Noem will see things differently.

Kristin Wileman, a transition team spokeswoman for Governor-elect Noem, told KSFY, Noem won't commit to legislation until she can review its text. However, Noem is a strong Second Amendment supporter and thinks provisions like constitutional carry can "protect and even strengthen this right for South Dakotans."

KSFY reports that Governor-elect Noem did offer support for a so-called constitutional carry law during her campaign earlier this year.

Source: KSFY TV

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