Dogs are truly man's best friend. They are with us on our best days and our not so great days. That's why they are so easy to welcome into the family like South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem and her family recently did.

To kick-off the Labor Day holiday weekend, Governor Noem posted to her Twitter and Facebook pages a picture of the newest, four-legged family member. Meet Foster Noem.

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Foster is Governor Noem's new "hunting buddy" whose name is in remembrance of a cherished friend. Governor Noem shared with her followers that she was inspired by her "dear friend" Foster Friess. Her new puppy reminded her of Foster who was also a great hunting partner.

Governor tells her followers on Facebook:

"When I was trying to think of a name for my new puppy this morning, I kept thinking… “If I could spend one more day hunting with anyone who would it be?” And I kept coming to my friend Foster Friess. He was a delightful man who found joy in everything and loved everyone - but Jesus the most."

Foster is bound to have many adventures ahead with Governor Noem and her family. He'll fit into the family just like the Noem family's previous dog, Hazel. Unfortunately, Hazel tragically passed away in early June after an accident.

Governor Noem posted a heartfelt memorial message to the beloved family dog on her Governor's Facebook page.

It's never easy to say good-bye to our four-legged friends or to welcome new ones so easily. It takes time to heal. But it seems like Hazel would have loved to have Foster as a sibling.

Soon it will be time to get Foster ready for his first pheasant hunting season in South Dakota!

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