Dogs are really man's best friend. Sometimes when people see dogs walking on the street, they can't help but say hello to every dog they see. Trust me, I include myself in this category.

Despite the fact most dogs we see are generally friendly, not all dogs care for the endless amounts of attention. One signal that indicates a person’s dog should not be approached or touched is when it’s wearing a red collar, leash, or bandana. The color red for dogs is not just a fashion statement, it is also a friendly warning.

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You wouldn't think a red collar would be such a big deal. However, a recent article from Reader's Digest suggests that greeting a dog with a red collar, leash, or bandana is not the best idea. According to Reader's Digest, red is the "universally sign for 'stop.' " People could also associate the color with "red flags," ways to be cautious, or to take a pause. A dog wearing a red collar means that people should give that dog space. Veterinarian and medical director of virtual vet care company Dutch Dr. Brian Evans tells Reader's Digest, “These are pets that have been known to snap or bite at passersby, attack other dogs, or lunge at people. These pets may be perfectly fine at home with their owner but become overly protective of them when they are out.”

Red collars on dogs could also mean they are service or working pets which individuals should also avoid petting.

Just some food for thought: The next time you see a Sioux Falls dog with a red collar, it's best to ask the dog's owner if it's okay to approach the dog. It's certainly better to be safe than sorry!


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