So, I've been binging Schitt's Creek on Netflix (you should too, it's hilarious) and all of a sudden I'm like I have that outfit!

And I have mixed feelings. Anyone that watches the show knows that the people of Schitt's Creek aren't always the most fashion forward or worldly. But, I like to think that I am. Sometimes. I mean, the dress is a Calvin Klein!!!

Anyway, the character wearing the dress is Jocelyn Schitt. She is the wife of the mayor, Roland, and a school teacher.

Here I am wearing the dress at a Kentucky Derby party. I think it's super cute!

On the show, the more cultured Rose family wears a lot of black and white, which I have a lot of as well, but here I am, having the same dress as Jocelyn.

Even if Jocelyn's hair and outfit choices aren't always super cute on the show, she is a very likable character. She hasn't said a mean word to anybody and she's a Jazzagal.