To the normal world, 'Weird Al' Yankovic is famous for his song parodies. Since the early '80s, he has been poking fun at the trends and stars of popular music.

But, to Weirdo Superfans like me, we know Al is also a genius songwriter in his own right. His originals are still comedy records, and they are fantastic.

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Every one of Al's albums has several of his originals and they are all awesome. But, people get annoyed when I talk about the mega-super-uber-star for too long.

So, as a public service, I will now separate the wheat from the chaff, the curd from the whey, the green peppers from the pizza and present the top 5 (maybe 6) 'Weird Al' Yankovic original songs (in no particular order).

What's Up Hot Dog? Weird Al Yankovic's Top 5 Original Songs

5) "Bob"

This song from the 2003 album Poodle Hat is done in the style of Bob Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues."  A fun bit about this song, the lyrics are palindromes; words or phrases that read the same in both directions. Watch the signs in the video.

4) "The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota"

I love this goofy, meandering, story song from the UHF soundtrack album. Al's commitment to the folk-singer style while describing the mundane details of a car trip is amazing. TWINE BALL OR BUST!
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3) "My Baby's in Love with Eddie Vedder"

This Cajun/Bluegrass song off the Running With Scissors album is the anthem for all of us guys that grew up crushing on Wyona Ryder and Janeane Garofalo in Reality Bites but were more like Ben Stiller than Ethan Hawk

2) "Why Does This Always Happen to Me?"

Another track from the Poodle Hat CD. This song is a pitch-perfect satire of those songs that always pop up after tragedies and someone who thinks they are the center of the world.

1) "Everything You Know is Wrong"

From Bad Hair Day, In this stream-of-consciousness dreamscape, Al teaches us that the proper use of time travel is to the bills that are late. And to hang out with Colonel Sanders.

6) "CNR"

Number 6 on the list is a song off the album Alpocalypse. It's a White Stripes-style ode to the star of one of my favorite X-Files episodes: Charles Nelson Reilly. It's beautiful. It's a hard-rocking song that's all about a star of '70s game shows.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ben Kuhns is just some guy on the internet. He is a wannabe writer, and his wife thinks he's funny. He writes for Results-Townsquare Media in Sioux Falls South Dakota.

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