"Do you want to make more money? Sure we all do." "Well turn it up, man!"

"I'm Glad you call but I'm not home...wait for the beep."

If you recognize those lines then you probably spent many nights in front of the TV in the 80s. It's weird to think that my kids will never know the mystery of the lady whose hand hurt that one time. Where will the little ones learn the joy of VCR repair?

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Freedom Rock, VCR Repair, Crazy Calls

Who will teach future generations to turn up the rock of freedom or how crazy the calls use to be?

YouTube will! Here, preserved for all future generations, is all the information you need to know to get through life:

Learn a useful trade, like TV/VCR repair:

Learn your history from the Moody Blues and friends:

Learn that the universe is full of mysteries that will connect people over hundreds of miles:

Learn to be patient by waiting for the beep:

There. Now you have acquired all the base knowledge to be successful in our modern world.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ben Kuhns is just some guy on the internet. He is a wannabe writer, and his wife thinks he's funny. He writes for Results-Townsquare Media in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

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