I said out loud one day a couple of weeks ago that we were probably done with temperatures in the 80's. I was wrong.

The forecast today says it's going to be 80. That's pretty warm for October 3 but is it really that strange? I decided to do a little digging to see how late we have hit a high temp in the 80's. We're not even close.

In Sioux Falls, the only date in October that has not had a temperature in the 80's is the 31st, Halloween. The record high for today is 89 set 1897.

The latest we have ever hit the 80's in a calendar year is November 8, 1999 when we hit 81. The latest we have reached the 70's was November 20, 1962 when we hit 74.

I don't mean to point out the bad part of the upcoming winter but I will. Sioux Falls has never seen a temperature in the 70's between November 21 and February 16.

Just for fun, I looked up the all time high and low for Sioux Falls. The hottest recorded temperature ever in Sioux Falls happened twice. On July 17 1936 and June 21, 1988 the mercury hit 110. The all time coldest low temperature happened at the end of the 19th century when we dropped all the way to -42 on February 9. 1899.

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