Hey! It's Monday! That means a recap of what I've been binge-watching in quarantine!

I did venture to Sioux City for Mother's Day, so I didn't get in as much TV as weekends prior.

To see what I was watching last week, click here.

Ok, so, season two of Dead to Me was released on Netflix last Friday. And even though, I journeyed out Friday evening because restrictions were lifted, I stayed up very late finishing it. It was so good. Yet, short-lived. I'm kind of sad now that it's over.

Anyway, Dead to Me, somehow weaves humor, death, grief, murder, and suspense together into a beautiful show! It stars Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini and they are great together. James Marsden is in season two, but not in the same capacity as season one. I'm trying to be careful so I don't spoil anything. Now, I just wait for season three, I guess.

Next up, I'm trying to clear out my DVR, and I recorded Glass forever ago. No time like the present to watch it. Glass is the M. Night Shyamalan movie that is a sequel to two movies, Unbreakable and Split. It's pretty cool how M. Night seems to weave these worlds together. I know his style of movie isn't everybody's taste, but I don't think there is one M. Night movie that I haven't liked. Oh wait, The Happening was terrible, but besides that one, I've liked them all.

Overall, I really liked Glass. I was thoroughly invested the whole time and Sarah Paulson was a great addition. Call me crazy, but I think there could be another sequel in the works!

What have you been watching?

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