The title of this post will just keep getting longer every weekend that I'm stuck at home watching TV.

Ok, so to review last week's TV, you can click here.

Now, let's get down to business. This week's TV started with binging Big Little Lies on HBO Go. I read the book last year and always meant to check out the show and now was the perfect time. As with most books that get turned into a TV show or book, I liked the book better. However, season 2, I really enjoyed because there was no book to follow so I couldn't be judgmental. Also, Nicole Kidman as Celeste is my favorite. Especially in season two. Sure, she had some issues, but she rose from the ashes and did her thing. Also, Meryl Streep!!! I hated her so much, which really shows how good of an actress she is because Meryl seems so likable in real life.

Next up, new to Netflix, Hollywood. This is another creation from Ryan Murphy. Does this guy do anything that sucks? He's the same guy behind Glee, American Horror Story, Pose, and The Politician, just to name a few.

Hollywood is about the Golden Age of, well, Hollywood, but with a twist. It looks at how things could have been if someone would have just taken the chance to change things. What if actors of color were given lead roles sooner? What if being gay wasn't so taboo for so long? What if a woman had been in charge? Real-life icons are portrayed in the show like Rock Hudson, Vivien Leigh, and Hattie McDaniel.

Then, this isn't a show I binged necessarily, but I think it deserves some recognition. Sunday night was the season finale of Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist and it was sooooooooooooo good! This show is usually funny and witty and playful, full of musical numbers. But it also has so much heart. Zoey is dealing with her dad's declining health and in the season finale, he passes away. I don't think that is really a spoiler because we know from the first episode that he isn't going to get better. The cast is amazing. Some of the cast are clearly trained singers and dancers, but some aren't, and that makes me like it even more! I cried all the cries last night. Some of the moments hit pretty close to home since my mom just passed away in January. The show really deals with grief and death in a very relatable way.

I hope the show gets renewed! I will riot if it doesn't. The show ended with a 7-minute song, that looks like it was done in one shot, and it was beautiful! You can get caught up on Hulu.

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