Many of us have encountered people talking about things at work, at a restaurant or out in public that may be considered controversial topics.

But what do you do when people start talking politics when you are confined to a airplane?

I recently returned from Super Bowl week in Houston and on my flight from Dallas to Sioux Falls, there were two people in front of me who were talking about Donald Trump and politics in general.

Needless to say, I didn't agree with the message they were talking about, but what should of I done?

The options are either try and go to sleep while avoiding them, tell them to shut up or just start interrupting with your opinions on the same topic.

My course of action was to fall asleep, but I found it quite rude on their part to continue the conversation in such a confined environment.

It is one thing when we intertwine politics and sports on my radio show where one has the opportunity to voice their opinion on the phone lines, via email or social media.

While it feels like you have no options if you aren't directly next to them on the plane, because then you look like the jerk for breaking into their conversation even though they were destroying my ears with their rhetoric.

I have a easy solution, just like they have a sign that shows you "no smoking" and "fasten seat belts", they should add a picture of the President at the time with a X throughout instructing no political conversations on the plane.

No matter where you sit on the political spectrum, the idea of being forced to listen to the other side for 2 hours doesn't sound appealing to anyone I'm sure.

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