It's bad enough to misplace a book or magazine when you are flying, but imagine losing your wedding ring.

That's the problem a hair stylist from Germantown, Tennessee is facing after her flight from Memphis, Tennessee to St. Paul, Minnesota.  And if you have ever lost a possession with sentimental value such as this, you know she wants it back!

Nicole Lagasca Inman was on a Delta flight from Memphis to St. Paul on February 6, 2015 when she noticed she had lost her wedding ring.  She reported her loss to the airline, but after her report was closed by Delta after not being able to locate her rings, Inman decided to do the next best thing and go to social media.

Thanks to Facebook, the number of people now helping Inman and her husband find her wedding ring continues to grow.  Want to do your part in helping to reunite the lost rings with the rightful owner?  Share this page!

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