Something that is trending right now on Twitter is your Top 10 Turn-ons. I put together what my Top 10 would be, they are in no particular order.

  1. A guy who smells good. I love cologne on a guy. But don't take a bath in it!
  2. A great sense of humor. One that gets my jokes and that can make me laugh.
  3. If you have the right head for it, a shaved head like Vin Diesel or Chris Daughtry is a definite turn on!
  4. Texting or calling me first. Especially the "Good Morning Beautiful" or "Sweet Dreams" texts.
  5. Holding my hand. In public and in private.
  6. Someone who dresses well, who dresses trendy and knows what looks good on his body.
  7. Arm muscles, enough said.
  8. A good kisser.
  9. For him to plan dates and surprises.
  10. Personality, ultimately someone I can have a conversation with not just good text conversation with.
Here are a few I found on Twitter: