On Valentine's Day, sometimes it can feel lonely as a single person. I've never had a Valentine's Day that I wasn't single so I don't really have anything to compare it to. I suppose it could be nice.

But anyway, being single isn't so bad. I can spend all my money on me and I can do whatever I want, when I want, because my schedule is the only one that matters. Those are just a couple of the reasons I came up with, but there is actual scientific evidence that being single has its benefits.

An article in Business Insider, listed some pros to being single.

Single people aren't actually lonely. A study in 2015 showed that single people actually have more friends than married couples!

Single people are more fit. Studies in 2004 and 2015 showed that single people work out more and weighed, on average, five pounds less than married people.

Single people are usually more productive. Research has shown that single people are more productive with their downtime because they don't have the distractions of married or family life.

And all that alone time is actually a good thing. One study said that single people are more apt to try new things and grow as a person.

See! Being single isn't so bad.

I agree with most of this except, I don't always feel very productive with my downtime. Is binge watching every season of ER on Hulu considered productive?

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