One of the things I was most afraid of and got asked about the most were the bathrooms and hotels in Europe.

Most of the bathrooms were like anything you'd see back home. However, most showers only had half a glass door. Weird. And the step to get in was usually pretty tall.

Also, most of the toilets were deeper in the bowl and only a few didn't have a seat on them. But they always had the flushing mechanism on the wall or somewhere not on the toilet. I can't totally confirm this, but most of the flushers had one small button and a big button. I assumed the small button was for pee and the big button was for poop. I might have just made that up. Makes sense to me.

I had a fight with the Belgian shower. I still am not sure how you turn it on or off. My friend, Becky, had to rescue me. I turned the knobs every way possible and I couldn't get it to shut off. If she wasn't there, the water might have ran all night.

Italy had weird blow dryers and was the only place where I saw a bidet. I did not use it.

In Germany our bathroom had a bottle opener in it!

Most of the rooms were a decent size until we got to France. Then things got small!


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