International travel for many of us may be on our bucket lists. But is there one country that South Dakotans would love to visit in Europe the most?

Turns out the answer is yes and that country we in the Mount Rushmore State would like to visit also aligns with where five other states would also like to go and that is Ireland.

According to Skyes, six states in the US would love to visit Greece, five want to travel to Belgium and four are eyeing Ireland.

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But these countries weren't always the top choices for US citizens. The pandemic has changed our preferred international European destinations:

"According to the the Electronic Travel and Information Authorization for Europe, the top European countries visited by Americans (pre-pandemic) are Italy, France, and Germany — so with a sense of wanderlust reignited for many Americans, SYKES analyzed which Western European nations produced the highest Google search volumes so far this year"- Skyes.

Some of the reasons why these countries are now more desired (Ireland, Greece, and Belgium) is that these countries have begun to welcome back international travelers. But still, advise both local and international travelers to practice social distancing when applicable.

However, Belgium is a bit more restrictive for travel that isn't considered essential compared to Ireland and Greece.

Although, it appears that US citizens are definitely getting out and traveling according to the same study from Skyes that states 45% of Americans are planning on traveling either domestically or internationally this summer.

Source: Skyes

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