“Weekly ‘Weird Al’ Wednesday” where Ben highlights selections from the ‘Weird Al’ canon, each week, on Wednesday. Read last weeks and more here.

Today's selection came up in my shuffle recently. That day my shuffle was on point, I hadn't needed to skip anything in almost 10 songs! I was getting some Al, a bit of PE, my three faves off of Ice Cube's War and Peace Vol. 2 ("24 Mo' Hours,"  "Gotta Be Insanity" and "Roll All Day") a couple Nirvana tunes, Johnny Cash, then this song hit.

"Party at the Leper Colony" from 2003's Poodle Hat had fallen off my radar, I'd forgot how fun it is. Musically the song has a 60s R and B-ish, Rock and Roll sound with saxophones and a party vibe. Lyrically it is made up entirely of dismemberment puns. Entirely.

The song starts with the line, "Finger food and an ice cold keg
It won't cost you an arm and a leg," continues with "Met a little lady so pretty and young
She was quite a little talker 'till the cat got her tongue"  and builds to bits like this,

"Hey now, buddy, don't you give me no lip
Sorry I was using your head for dip
There's a guy in the hot tub, I don't know who
Wait a minute, it looks like Stu"

It's all silly, a tiny bit tasteless, and supper funny.

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