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No matter how much you love an artist's work, there will be times when their vision does not match up with yours. 'Weird Al' has created 14 studio albums over the last three decades. All of them are great collections of amazing music. Even the weaker collections like Polka Party have enough good stuff to stand with the best ones like Mandatory Fun. But there is one song of Al's that is the least good of them all, OK it's the worst, "Genius in France."

"Genius in France" is the last track on 2003's Poodle Hat. That album is one of my top three Al albums, and that probably contributes to my displeasure. It's a nearly nine minute original song done in the style of Frank Zappa.

Let me say this right away, I don't get Zappa. I respect him as an innovator, artist and defender of free speech. But the music just doesn't hit my ears the same as the people that like it. That for sure plays into why I don't like this tune.

Lyrically the cartoon French stereotypes aren't funny. In comparison to other epic length songs like "Albuquerque" or "The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota" the running time doesn't serve the humor, it just makes it grating.

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