OK everyone, this is what we've trained for. It's here, the big game, everything has been leading to this point. New episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 will premiere on Netflix April 14! 

MST3K, A.K.A one of the greatest things in the history of things, is a TV show about a guy and two robots trapped in space and forced to watch bad movies and they make fun of them. Don't get to hung-up on the premise, it's much more than that. The show is transcendent, beautiful comedy; frankly, it's a way of life.

A quick backstory. MST3K started on a small TV station in Minnesota (KTMA) in the late 80's. It moved to Comedy Central (then The Comedy Channel) in 1989 where it aired until 1996. After a feature film version of the show in 1996, the show moved to the Sci-Fi Channel for three more years. If you want a more complete history of the show go here: MST3Kinfo.com/mstfaq/basics.

The show has lived on on DVD, online and in fans hearts for the last 18 years. The people involved with the show have revived the riffing on movies genre at times, most notably Rifftrax.

In late 2015, Joe Hodgson, the show's creator, launched a record-breaking Kickstarter camping to make new episodes of the show. With production funding secured, Joel brought on Jonah Ray, Patton Oswalt, and Felicia Day as the new human cast. Ray will be the latest man trapped in space by mad scientists Day who will be assisted by Oswalt. Comedians Hampton Yount and Baron Vaughn will provide the voices for Ray's robot friends Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo.

Through 2016 the new crew wrote and produced at least 12 new episodes. At Comic-Con 2016 Joel announced that Netflix will be the home of the new episodes. And now we have a date:  April 14, 2017. I better just go ahead and take that day off.

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