There are three Christmas TV traditions in my house. Every year I watch Mystery Science Theater's 'Santa Claus Conquers the Martins' episode, the Bevis and Butt-Head Christmas special and for some reason 'Christmas Comes To Pacland'.

I am not a fan of Mr. Brown and his legumes based cohorts. And the stop motion Christmas specials are just downright disturbing (and I love 'The Walking Dead' I know disturbing). These three shows make all the holiday 'stuff' fade to the background. They are funny and delightfully free of messages. Well, two of them are, the other I like a bad relationship. It's a Patrick Swayze Christmas!

MST3k's 'Santa Conquers the Martins' - if you want to know more about what MST3K is click here. Real quick: Joel and two robots watch and make fun of a movie. I know that is like saying "The sun is shiny," there is way more to it than that, but we can get into it later. In the Santa episode the guys watch an old movie about Martians kidnapping Santa and the kids that save him. Hooray for San-t-Tee Clause!

In the Bevis and Butt-head Christmas special the boys watch a yule log and sing that Sugarplum song, read letters to Santa Butt-head and in my favorite part they do a parody of 'Its a Wonderful Life' where we see how good everybody's life would be without Butt-head.

Then there is this PacMan thing. As a kid I loved PacMan. I had the cereal, toys and all manner of the games. I watch the cartoon every Saturday morning. The show ended, I discovered Mario and we all moved on. In modern times the folks at Cartoon Network have seen fit to dig up the Christmas episode of the show and show it every Christmas. Sometimes at 5:00 in the morning or maybe at midnight. No matter, my DVR always finds it. Now, I understand that the show was made long ago and not made for grownup me. But my goodness this is bad! And I can't stop watching it.


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