My kids have fallen in love with the song "The 12 Days of Christmas." As I put the song on their various devices and CDs for the car, I found that there are way more versions of the song then I ever knew. I gathered up 12 of them here. There are two great versions on the list, seven good ones, three OK, and one extra to make it twelve.

  • 12

    Jeff Foxworthy - "Redneck 12 Days Of Christmas"

    Shirts, Shells and Tires. Momma I'm coming home!

  • 11

    Bob and Doug McKenzie - "12 Days of Christmas"

    Bacon, Smokes and Beer. AKA the Canadian Redneck 12 Days.

  • 10

    John Denver and The Muppets "Twelve Days Of Christmas"

    The first traditional version of the song on this list. As traditional as The Muppets can be. Ba da-dum dum dum

  • 9

    Bob Rivers - "The Twelve Pains of Christmas"

    A classic Parody of a classic. The twelve pains include trees, cards, family and batteries not included. Special Bonus: Lego video.

  • 8

    Star Wars' "12 Days of Christmas"

    Star Wars is becoming it's own Christmas tradition, so it makes sense that this is a thing.

  • 7

    Twisted Sister - "Heavy Metal Christmas"

    So this is a thing, I guess.

  • 6

    Allan Sherman - "The Twelve Gifts of Christmas"

    From the early 1960's comes the ultimate secret Santa non-wish list. But I would take that radio. Thanks to Dr. Demento for burning this song into my brain.

  • 5

    Mikey Bolts - "12 Days of Family Guy Christmas"

    You wouldn't think that you needed a guy doing the voices of Family Guy characters singing "12 Days" but, after you here this you will still think that.

  • 4

    "12 Days of Christmas" On A Budget

    While not technically a song, with its lack of music or singing, this still funny.

  • 3

    Animals Sing "12 Days of Christmas"

    what would the internet be without videos of cats and dogs, and now they're singing (?), I guess?

  • 2

    Destiny's Child - '8 Days of Christmas'

    So, according to Beyonce a back rub counts as a Christmas gift. I'll let my wife know.

  • 1

    Straight No Chaser - '12 Days of Christmas Medley'

    We wrap up our list (see what I did there - wrap it up - like a present) with a medley preformed by acappella group Straight No Chaser. This is super cool. Happy Merry Seasons Holiday Greetings Christmas!