2020 is a year that will go down in history for so many reasons; not many of them good. We have a worldwide pandemic, a tumultuous election atmosphere, civil unrest, and weather events that are unmatched.

Now here comes what could just be another candle on this 2020 Cake of Disappointment. This weekend we have a Full Moon, Halloween, and Daylight Saving Time comes to an end. What could possibly go wrong with this cosmic trifecta?

This weekend kicks off with Friday nights Full 'Blue' Moon. I'm not sure what it is about a full moon but this lunar event does seem to bring out the crazy. And I think we have had enough of that right now. Words derived from 'lunar' include 'loony', 'lunacy', and 'lunatic'. None of these used in the same sentence with your name is a good thing.

On Saturday we have Halloween 2020. In the midst of rising pandemic numbers, the CDC along with numerous Infectious Disease Specialists are authorities on the topic are warning us about the dangers of taking our kid's Trick-or-Treating. They are also trying to steer us away from costume parties and gatherings. Without booze and begging for candy what is even the point of having Halloween?

On Sunday Daylight Saving Time ends. Daylight Saving Time is a holdover ritual that started in 1918 to help save energy. Since LED bulbs have replaced candles do we really need to keep doing this? In 2020 all this ritual seems to do is screw up our sleep patterns and make us cranky for about two weeks.

Here's a thought...before we go to bed on Saturday night could we set our clocks back to 'Normal'?

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CDC Safe Holiday Recommendations


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