A lot of us will be casting our gaze skyward tonight (December 21) as the Christmas Star makes its first appearance in nearly 800 years, when Jupiter and Saturn and will be at their closest point since the year 1226.

But that's not the end of the celestial shows for us in 2020.

Our final full moon of the year is going to be something special.

It's called a 'Full Cold Moon', which according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac is aptly named because it occurs near the winter solstice, which is the longest night of the year.

In 2020, that means the 'Full Cold Moon' (also known as the 'Long Night Moon') will be visible on the evening of December 29, with peak illumination coming at about 9:30 PM Central Time.

What makes this full moon so unique is that, like 2020 itself, it's not normal.

Ordinarily, according to Space.com, we see full moons about once every 29.5 days, or one per month. But this year, the 'Full Cold Moon' will be the 13th full moon of 2020.

How many of the previous 12 do you remember?

  • Wolf Moon - January 10
  • Snow Moon - February 9
  • Worm Moon - March 9
  • Pink Moon - April 7
  • Flower Moon - May 7
  • Strawberry Moon - June 5
  • Buck Moon - July 5
  • Sturgeon Moon - August 3
  • Corn Moon - September 2
  • Harvest Moon - October 1
  • Hunter’s (or Blue) Moon - October 31
  • Beaver Moon - November 30

So let's recap: an extra full moon AND a full moon on Halloween in 2020?

I think we might have figured out why things are so strange.

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