If you caught the news over the past few days, you heard about the stranded motorists on I-95 in Virginia. For miles and miles, motorists sat in wintertime traffic for hours. And hours. After nearly 30 hours traffic was finally moving. As I read the stories and watched the Twitter feeds from stranded motorists I thought to myself, how does that equate to us here in South Dakota.

For starters, in South Dakota, depending on where you are at being stranded can have catastrophic results. Growing up here in The Land of Infinite Variety we have to remember and respect the power of Mother Nature. So, let's run down the list of things that might be nice to have in your vehicle.

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A pair of coveralls. Warm, boots. Gloves. Hats. Some granola bars or some sort of snacks. A small shovel. Jumper cables. Phone charger.

Yes, many like to just say, I have my phone I can call someone. But in South Dakota, you might not be stranded with thousands of vehicles around you. Get your Cub Scout on or your Girl Scout on and pack a tub. Pack a tub, put it in the trunk, and feel better. If you have a trunk, you can easily exchange it from one vehicle to the other. Or you can slip it in one of your kid's cars as they head out.

You will probably never need it. But if you do, you'll be glad it's there. What's in your trunk?

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