I'm not a big fan of needles. There is never a time where I have the thought that I would like to have a small piece of sharpened metal shoved under my skin. Now and then you have to have it done and when I do I can get a shot or blood drawn and still retain my dignity.

Some people can't.

A grown man in Malaysia was getting his blood drawn or getting a shot of some kind in a new viral video. He is having really big problems. He is whining and crying as the tech is prepping his arm for the needle. He's so distraught at one point he takes his mask off and starts rubbing it around his face as if he is sweating and wiping his brow.

Once the needle finally goes into his arm he screams like a child getting a shot. Actually, he screams more than the average child does. All of my kids cried a little bit when they were really, really little. Since then none of them really have this big of a problem with needles.

The man in the video is making himself more terrified by continuing to look at the needle as it is in his arm. I tried that once and I got super light-headed and felt sick to my stomach. I don't think God made most of us with the ability to watch blood leave our body at a moderate rate of speed and not have some serious concerns about it.

I hate to mock the guy, especially if he has a pathological fear of needles, but come one, man!

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