Sioux Falls Police are searching for a suspect who used fake money to pay for his car bill at Vern Eide located at 5200 South Louise Avenue.

"A gentleman went to this location to pay a bill," according to Police Lt. John Duprey. "It was all paid in cash. As he was leaving, the employee was going through the bills with one of the markers they have to identify fake bills. The employee noted there were two bills that were in the pile given to her that were counterfeit. The bills are the same as the ones reported in the past where they say "For Motion Picture Use Only." It says that both in the front and the back of the bill."

Duprey has this suggestion for store employees who receive payments from customers.

"With these still being circulated in Sioux Falls, I would just ask that just as this clerk did---that you are aware this is happening. If you handle money---you have help your company by watching out for these fake bills."

Duprey says police have a suspect in the Vern Eide incident.

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