A day after Police described a new, smaller type of counterfeit bill surfacing in Sioux Falls, authorities have made an arrest with yet another attempt to spend the fake money.

Police officers were called to a business at W 12th street and Petro Avenue in Sioux Falls on Friday (November 16) at 5:40 AM. A cashier at the business said a customer tried to pay for items with a bill that appeared to be a counterfeit $100. After the cashier refused to accept the money, the customer left the business but remained in the parking lot area. Police found the suspect as they arrived and made their arrest.

Catherine Lee Baker, 26, from Sioux Falls was arrested and charged with possession of a forged instrument with intent to defraud, which is a felony charge. The paper bill taken as evidence was described as lighter in color and “a little bit smaller" than an authentic bill.

There are no indications if this incident is connected to other counterfeit bills in the area.



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