This is the last post about Mexico, I promise. Again, if you need to recap days one, two, three, or four, you can click on them to do so.

Day five in Mexico would be my last. The rest of the wedding guests were staying a couple more days. So breakfast was bittersweet. It was the last time we would see some of our new friends before they left to go have more fun snorkeling without us. It was also my last concha in Mexico.

We left a couple days early because my brother had to get back to work, but if I had known that I would get along with everybody so well, I totally would have stayed.

We killed a couple hours getting our last couple drinks from the all-inclusive bar and enjoying them on the patio. Then it was off to the airport.

Honestly, security leaving Puerto Vallarta wasn't that big of a deal. Just a few more questions than flying domestic.

When we landed in Houston, we had to declare any items we brought back at customs, pick up our bags, re-check them and go through security again. Our layover was only an hour and half and we made it just in time.

One weird thing that happened though, picking up my suitcase in Houston, it had somebody else's name and luggage tag on it. I was so confused. I have lime green luggage so I was pretty sure it was mine. I double checked the numbers on my ticket from the airline. Yup, it's mine. Should I tell someone? What is going on? If my bag did get lost, I didn't want it to go to somebody else. I also thought maybe someone was trying to smuggle something in my suitcase. I mean we did just come back from Mexico. You hear stories like that sometimes. I just took the tag off and proceeded through security. I got through security fine and no cocaine was in my bag. Yay me!

Out of the four flights I took to get to Mexico and back, I somehow lucked out and had an empty seat next to me on three of them! Of course, the longest flight I was still packed in like a sardine.

Also, leaving Puerto Vallarta, I sat next to a woman named Marjorie who was from Alcester, SD! What are the odds? She was like, wait, are you on the radio? Crazy, right?!?!

A bunch of us were in a group Snapchat, which was very convenient while in Mexico, but I had FOMO so bad once we left. Seeing everybody's photos and messages making plans was so hard when I was back in the cold South Dakota winter.

I was welcomed home to Sioux Falls by stepping out of my car and falling on some ice. Good times.

Once I got home, I had to make sure all my souvenirs survived the trip. My haul from Mexico! Two kaftans/swimsuit cover ups. One dress. One trompo, which is a toy kind of like a top. You pull a string and it spins. I thought I broke one in the shop, then the clerk showed me how to actually do it, and I had to have one! Two fans and lastly, a Muñeca quitapena which translates to worry doll. I saw these little dolls in every shop. I wish I had read up on them sooner. I bought one for each of my girlfriends. We are all a bunch of worriers! Upon googling, turns out this might be more of a Guatemalan thing, but they are also found in Mexico. Not pictured, magnets for my parents  and shot glasses for friends.



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