If the Pandemic has taught us anything, I think it is that we need to take the time to celebrate the small things whenever we can.

So, any excuse to celebrate should be well, celebrated. Valentine's Day is no exception.

Some couples may argue that they've spent more than enough time together this last year, so maybe a special date night isn't as big of a deal as in past years.

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However, according to a new survey Valentine's Day is still a big deal. 62% of people say the holiday is still important this year.

About half the people surveyed said they're planning to spend the same amount as in the before times. But the amount people spend varies. The survey also found 64% of people think you don't really need to spend more than $100 on Valentine's Day. On the flip side, only 7% of people think you shouldn't spend anything.

This Valentine's Day is obviously a bit different no matter your relationship status.

The pandemic has affected almost every aspect of life and that includes dating.

Another survey (I love surveys) found that the average single person has had 13 virtual dates in the past 10 months.

Virtual dating has pros and cons. The survey found people liked virtual dates because they're cheaper, less pressure, easier to arrange, easier to leave, and they don't require as much dressing up.

Least favorite things include no opportunity for 'advancement' at the end of the night, awkward silences, technical issues, not being able to smell the person, and not being able to see how tall someone is in real life.

And, possibly, the most surprising thing to me, was that one in three people say they've told someone "I love you" after only dating virtually.

Pandemic or not, people just want some kind of human connection and will find a way to make it happen.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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