When we look forward to a post-pandemic world there are some things that may never return to normal. It's hard to imagine movies, concerts, fairs, sports, and other events ever being the same. Grocery shopping may be one thing that may be forever changed.

A HelloFresh poll of over 2,000 adults revealed that 64% of those have started using a grocery delivery schedule as most have been hesitant to dive back into the aisles.

68% said they have reevaluated their food shopping and cooking habits.

55% said they have tried a meal delivery service as an alternative to grocery shopping. Many meal delivery services offered some attractive introductory offers. Many of those expire soon assuming you jumped on that wagon in April.

42% don't really trust the cleanliness of the products and sanitize them when they get home.

Most respondents have reduced their time in the grocery store by at least 10 minutes, and 28% say they have "some sort of anxiety" while in a store.

But all in all, this isn't bad news for the grocery business. People are just becoming more efficient while shopping.

It's interesting to note - and it's a good thing - that 29% of people said they were much more aware of food waste in their home. That's a great reminder for kids and adults alike. Eat what's on the plate and get those vegetables down, kids.

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