It's springtime in Sioux Falls and it's time to fix potholes and sweeping streets. Did you know that 9,000 tons of debris will be removed from the streets during street sweeping operations?

The city makes the point that removing this debris keeps it from ending up in the Big Sioux River is a huge win for our environment. Better looking and good for us? Who knew?

Sweeping operations in the city started about one week ago with two teams covering 76 districts or about 80 square miles throughout Sioux Falls. Each year the teams will sweep about 5,000 miles.

This year they are utilizing a new truck style sweeper which is a one-man system with a vacuum sweeper that creates virtually no dust. It can also travel at highway speeds to get things cleaned off very quickly.

The city department would appreciate your help by moving your vehicles off the streets so they can complete their mission. To see when and where the street sweeping crews will be working see a map at the City of Sioux Falls website.

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