Sioux Falls Police are cautioning residents about buying a cell phone online when the meeting point is near the area of 8th Street and Cleveland Avenue in Sioux Falls.

According to officer Sam Clemens, multiple reports have come in recently from victims being robbed while trying to buy a cell phone, with an arranged meeting at the intersection near the 200 block of North Cleveland Avenue. The majority of the sales were arranged through Facebook. The report from victims typically involves meeting for the phone sale, the victim paying with cash, followed by the suspects either keeping the phone or grabbing the phone out of the victim's hands and running away. All reports describe the suspects as two black teenage boys.

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Google Maps

Clemens suggests a safer location to meet strangers for online sales at the Law Enforcement Center, near 4th Street and Minnesota Avenue. In the parking lot, there are two marked designated parking spots for online sales transactions. Whenever the front lobby of the Law Enforcement Center is open, residents are welcome to come inside to complete their transactions.



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