Costco stores have been known for their popular inexpensive food court items. Staples on the menu have been the quarter-pound All Beef Hot Dog with a Soda for $1.50, Slice of Pizza for $1.99, and soda with refill for only $.59 cents.

It doesn't matter which state you visit or Costco member you talk to they have visited the retail giant's food court. And I have yet to hear of anyone that didn't appreciate the small focused menu with very modest pricing.

Like many essential businesses, Costco has remained open during the COVID-19 pandemic. They have instituted many safety guidelines like requiring face masks by all employees and customers. And for a time they closed up the food court.

When Costco reopened their food court here in Sioux Falls they didn't bring back all the items that they had previously offered. But they added one new thing. The Ice Cream Sundae. It's only $2.49 and you have your choice between Strawberry or Chocolate on your sundae.

Sioux Falls Costco Menu-Ben Davis
Sioux Falls Costco Menu-Ben Davis

While I was on a quick socially distant visit to Costco last week I thought since it was a new item I should try the Ice Cream Sundae. I purchased the Strawberry. I took it back to my car, took off my mask, and tasted the frozen treat.

In was fine. It's soft-serve ice cream topped with a strawberry sauce. It's about what you'd expect for $2.49. It was refreshing. But didn't provide near the satisfaction of the buck-fifty All Beef Frank with onions and sauerkraut. Now that's livin'!

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