Believe it or not, South Dakotans are more likely to dress up their dogs this Halloween season than any other state!

The new study from the shows that "nearly half a billion dollars is spent in the U.S. each year on Halloween costumes for pets, and 18% of owners plan to dress their pets up in 2020 (up from 17% in 2019)." This 30 day studied indicated the top ten states searched "Halloween costumes for dogs" and identified the states with the greatest interest in this topic.

So just in case you wanted to dress your four-legged legged in a cute costume on Halloween, actually provides a top ten list of dog costumes.  This list will surely inspire dog lovers to select the perfect costumes for their furry friends!

I think all dog-lovers are (at one point) guilty of putting costumes on their furry friends including me.  Halloween is still over two weeks away, however it's never too early to start planning your dog’s attire for the holiday!  Check out the list of top ten pet costumes from


Give your dogs and even cats a little extra treat this Halloween!

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