If kids need to find a way to make money fast, it's simple.  Just lose a bunch of teeth all at once, and they’ll easily have $20 in their pockets.

The Original Tooth Fairy Poll was conducted by Delta Dental.  It shows just how much the Tooth Fairy is willing to pay for just one tooth.  This poll has a 23-year history and has now reached its largest amount.  Currently, the reward for a single tooth is a whopping....$4.70.  That's almost $5.00! Kids today have the opportunity to make some serious cash when they start losing their teeth!

The Original Tooth Fairy Poll from Delta Dental concluded losing a tooth last year was worth $4.03.

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Regionally, the story is a little different across the board.  The "big bucks" all depend on where kids live:

  • South Region:  $4.45
  • The Midwest: $3.66
  • West Region: $5.54
  • Northeast Region: $5.72 (They lead U.S. regions in the highest average monetary gift for a lost tooth!)

So it appears that Midwestern kids get the short end of the stick from the Tooth Fairy.  State-wise, South Dakota surpasses this average number.  A previous poll from the Delta Dental of South Dakota indicated that the average cost for a tooth in South Dakota is $4.04 per tooth.  When a South Dakota child loses his/her first tooth, then he/she can expect around $5.07 from the Tooth Fairy!

I think the most I ever received from the tooth fairy was $5.00, but that was after I lost my last tooth.  I was even happy with $.50 as a kid!  Plus, the Tooth Fairy always left me a letter with some tips about how to take care of

Funny story: One of my basketball coaches (Coach Murphy) in grade school actually broke the news to our team about the Tooth Fairy...sigh.

How much money did the Tooth Fairy leave you when you lost a tooth or two?


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