Lucy Hale was on The Kelly Clarkson Show recently and she admitted that she has a fascination/obsession with teeth!

OMG, girl! Me too!

Her reasoning is the exact same as mine! She had braces as a kid and just became obsessed with teeth! You guys, it's true. Orthodontics in your adolescence makes you love teeth. I still wear my retainer, in case you were wondering.

I'd just like to point out that Lucy Hale has beautiful teeth, BTW.

In the interview, they call them 'teeth crushes'. I think my #1 teeth crush is Tiger Woods. He has just the biggest, most beautiful teeth. *sigh* When he was having a rough time a few years ago and it was reported that he had been in a car accident, which later turned out to be his wife hitting his car with a golf club, my first thought was, "I hope his teeth are OK." I'm not even kidding.

Ok, back to Lucy Hale. I have to question her judgment though. I mean, she likes Post Malone's teeth and has a crush on him! What?!?! I'm sure his actual teeth are fine, but I can't stand grills.

Also, they mention that Drake has a diamond in his tooth. I believe Pink does too. Or at least she did. Just FYI.

Ok, that's enough about teeth. For now.

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