What's the most embarrassing thing parents of 7th graders can do? Listen to Katy Perry, apparently.

A teacher in Palm Springs known on TikTok as @7thgradechronicles posed an important question to his students: "What is something your parents or guardians do that makes you cringe?"

His kids' responses were just as hilarious as you'd imagine, garnering more than 6 million views on the viral TikTok video.

Some of their parents' most cringey behaviors? Using Facebook (okay, fair...) and taking "mirror selfies" (also fair!).

The most unexpected reply, however, was "listen to Katy Perry." Apparently jamming out to "California Girls" or "Firework" is seen as cringey by middle schoolers.

Other things that make tweens cringe include dads who wear speedos and say thigs like, "That's tight!" Some parents even make their 7th graders order off the kids' menu at restaurants even though they're 13. Not cool!

But that's not all: "My mom calls herself gangster. Girl no," one student wrote, adding, "My mom also hangs up positivity signs ... 'Live, laugh, love.'"

Apparently, parents participating in TikTok dance trends and dabbing are also major icks for kids. Perhaps one of the oddest offenses a parent can make is purchase Fortnite underwear.

Another uncool move? Watching the CBS hit crime drama NCIS which, to be honest, we don't understand as much. (What's wrong with NCIS!?)

Watch the video, below.

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