If you work for the city of Sioux Falls you could see an extra $2000 large in your pocket soon.

At Tuesday night's Sioux Falls City Council meeting councilors approved a $2,000 bonus for most full-time city employees.

It was part of the new "Employer of Choice Plan”. The plan was put in place so the city can “maintain a competitive edge for hiring and retaining employees”.

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The plan was approved by all Sioux Falls City Councilors except Janet Brekke who recused herself from the votes.

In a prior council meeting, Brekee stated that there was an "appearance of impropriety" in voting on the item while she is up for re-election on April 12.

According to the Sioux Falls Simplified, City employees will get a one-time $2,000 bonus and will accrue vacation time more rapidly.

The Sioux Falls Employee of Choice Plan outlines that ...

  • $2.49 million in appropriations will be used to give the $2,000 "retention incentive" to most full-time city employees.
  • The mayor, city directors, the chief of staff, and medical appointed staff were excluded.
  • Also, part of the funds will be used to increase the rate at which employees accrue vacation time while providing new employees a 40-hour bank of time.
  • The city's minimum starting wage goes to $17.50 an hour and adds a $500 referral bonus for a full-time employee who refers someone who is hired to a full-time position.
City Of Sioux Falls
City Of Sioux Falls


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